Since we began business in 1995, both the quantity and the quality of the product have always been of prime importance to us as we have to compete actively and attractively in the market. We have been so successful in this all these years that not only our clientele, but also the business itself has continued to expand.

We have an active team based on a classical import and export company model worthy of this name consistently engaged in the pursuance of brand-policy demands and best quality standards.

This is documented by:

  • the HACCP system since 1997
  • the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food ( BLE ) labelling system
    • No.: DE-02-1998-BLES 0182-0
  • IFS Broker (since 2005; formerly IFS Standard).

Our range of products is the result of market demands and our clients' wishes, on behalf of which we have always faced the future, trying to estimate tomorrow's requirements today.

In the US beef area, we have well succeeded in attaining this cutting edge. Today the European market place without the outstanding quality of this meat is no longer imaginable.

Catering to our clientele by constantly trying to keep all the products of our extensive range in stock requires a shrewd purchasing policy and good contacts in the producing countries.

Alongside our core areas of competence, namely the import of beef from Australia, North and South America as well as lamb, venison and mutton from New Zealand, diverse poultry products, pork, further types of game and exotic varieties of meat complete our range.